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We are always on the lookout for passionate and motivated undergraduate students to get involved with our research! Students can take on a number of responsibilities, including helping with participant recruitment, assisting with MRI scanning and behavioral assessments, performing data quality control and management, and learning how to apply cutting-edge analytic strategies to investigate research questions. Undergraduates are also encouraged to actively attend and participate in our lab meetings and events and may also have opportunities to submit and present their work at workshops and conferences.

The Developing Brain Imaging lab generally has openings for new students to join the lab each semester. Students interested in learning about neuroimaging, early brain development and neurodevelopmental disorders are welcome to contact us at  and tell us why you are interested in joining. If you are applying for a position as an intern, please include a resume/CV and a cover letter detailing your previous research and work experiences, your research interest and goals.

Graduate Student

The Developing Brain Imaging lab utilizes cutting-edge brain imaging techniques and other biological and cognitive assessment measures to learn about how the brain develops during infancy and early childhood. Graduate students play a critical part in this research and overall mission of the Developing Brain Imaging lab. They have multiple opportunities to work with highly collaborative and multidisciplinary research teams and acquire strong technical and statistical skills. Students from all backgrounds, including Physics, Engineering, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Cognitive Scient, Psychology and other STEM and multidisciplinary backgrounds, are encouraged to contact Dr. Dean to discuss possible openings and projects.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Post-docs from all backgrounds are more than welcome to contact us about possible openings. Candidates interested in working with a multidisciplinary research team are encouraged to contact Dr. Dean to discuss new opportunities.

Student FAQs

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How long do I need to commit to joining the lab for as an undergraduate research assistant?

You should plan on committing a minimum of two semesters before joining the lab, not including the summer.

Are undergraduate research assistants paid or given academic credit for their work?

Undergraduate research assistants most often receive academic credit for their work. If you would like to be paid, you will need to discuss this with the Principal Investigator, Doug Dean.  Students cannot receive both pay and academic credit at the same time, however.

What would I do as an undergraduate research assistant?

Undergraduate research assistants are involved in many different aspects of our research, including image data preprocessing and analysis, running MRI scans, interacting with the families that participate in our studies, assisting graduate students, interns and research coordinators and so on.

Do I need to be in a specific major or area of study to join the lab?

No! We accept students from various majors and areas of study. In the past, students majoring in Human Development and Family Studies, Neurobiology, Biology, Psychology and more have joined our lab.

Are there any course requirements for joining the lab?

There are no official course requirements for the lab. However, courses in biology, second semester physics, computer programing, psychology and neuroscience provide helpful background material for our research techniques.

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